Degree Requirements

For full program information, see the Belmont Abbey College Academic Catalogue. A full listing of the needed courses for the B.A. can be found here. Information on the History minor. can be found here.

Program Requirements for a B.A. in History

Students majoring in History must take all four of the lower-level courses listed below.

  • HI 101 Western Civilization I
  • HI 102 Western Civilization II
  • HI 201 United States History: 1492-1865
  • HI 202 United States History: 1865-Present

Upper Level Courses: Students must take six History courses at the 300 level or above. See Course Descriptions for more information.

Methods & Capstone Courses:

  • HI 301 Historiography
  • HI 401W Thesis

Other Required Courses:

  • Two Foreign language courses in the same language
  • Upper-level course (300 or above) in English
  • Upper-level course (300 or above) in Theology

Internships: Students are strongly encouraged, but not required to take HI 452 Internship. Students choosing to take HI 452 may count this course towards the 18 hours of History electives for the major. Visit the Internships page for more information about available internship sites.

Transfer Credits: The last eighteen credits taken to fulfill the requirements of the History major must be taken at Belmont Abbey College. Students transferring from accredited institutions may transfer a maximum of nine credits at the 300 and 400 levels.