PAT Constitution

Proposed Phi Alpha Theta Constitution

November 2018

Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Pi Mu Chapter

Belmont Abbey College

Chapter Constitution

Est. 2018

Article I. Name and Mission:

Phi Alpha Theta: National History Honor Society (PAT)

Mission Statement:

We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the
encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning among
historians. We seek to bring students together for intellectual and social exchanges, which
promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.

Article II. Membership Requirement:

Undergraduates are eligible for membership of Phi Alpha Theta Honors’ Society after
completing 12 hours of coursework in the history department while maintaining a 3.0 GPA
overall and a 3.1 GPA in the history major. For active chapter membership, attendance at two activities
sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta per semester is mandatory.

Article III. Participation

Only currently registered students, faculty, and staff may be active members in a registered
student organization. Only active members (this includes immediate graduating Seniors) may
vote or hold office.

Non-active members of the organization will be allowed to participate in the social activities
sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, they can also attend Chapter meetings, but will not be permitted to hold leadership positions (Executive and Board tiers). Furthermore, non-members will not have a vote in the elections for the coming term. The executive consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Historian.

Article IV. Officers

Duties of the Officers

President : responsible for organizing and holding chapter meetings; organizing and overseeing chapter activities; coordinating with chapter members and faculty adviser;  participating in initiation of new members.

Vice President: assisting in organizing and holding chapter meetings, organizing and overseeing chapter activities, coordinating with  chapter members and faculty adviser,  participating in initiation of new members

Secretary: coordinating communication with chapter members via email and social media;
promoting chapter activities on campus and in the larger community.

Historian : assisting faculty adviser in organizing and maintaining chapter records; assisting in
the development and maintenance of chapter traditions and initiation ritual

The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will constitute an executive board and quorum.

Candidates for officers will submit applications to the standing officers. Upon review,
the officers will make the selection for the following year’s officers. The position of President requires full Senior Membership. It is highly encouraged that the Vice President and Secretary is a student of with at least 60 credits, for the purpose of continuing the legacy of Phi Alpha Theta in the subsequent academic year. Following the example of our national chapter’s constitution, the Vice President will automatically return the following year as the President. However, this will depend on her/his actions, and this is subject to change. If there is to be a serious and irreconcilable problem with the Vice President and the new officers, the current faculty adviser should be consulted. The executive members should also have had experience in the previous academic year as active board members in helping organize and develop social activities.

Should an officer be incapacitated, absent, or otherwise unavailable the officer next in line will take over her/his officer and duties.

Elections/Transition to the new officer’s board occurs at the end of every spring semester or
academic year. Elections are to be an annual affair with inductions happening at the end of April.

Selection will occur during the month of April. Officers will serve for a one-year term.
The executive body will also function as signatories for the club through the ASUC.

Officers can be removed or replaced at the discretion of the executive board with the advice and consent of the faculty advisor.

Article V. Meetings

General meetings are to be held at least a required four times a semester, with more meetings if deemed necessary, with the first meeting to be held within 20 days of the first day of instruction in the academic semester. The President or Vice President will have the power to call meetings.

Article VI. National PAT Constitution

If there are any areas not specifically addressed in the Chapter’s constitution, we will abide by
the standards put forth in the national chapter’s constitution.

Article VII. Amendments

All members who are active in the club will be allowed to submit an amendment to the board.
The amendment then needs a majority vote within the Chapter board before it can be voted on by the rest of the club. Amendments may be made to this Constitution with a 2/3 majority vote of the active members of the club.

Members will be notified about amendment votes through calling, email, our faculty adviser, and the Facebook group.

A week must pass between the proposal and the final vote of the amendment. An amendment
will need a two-third majority vote from our active members in order for it pass. Amendments change the structure of the group and it is important to have that 2/3 approval from the members at large.

Article VIII. Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor serves as a liaison between the national Phi Alpha Theta organization and the local chapter. Among the advisor's duties include: inducting new members, organizing membership drives, maintaining the chapter bank account associated with the college, completing required chapter documentation, and assisting in advising and aiding the chapter. The faculty advisor should be consulted in advance of meetings and other major events.

Article IX: Dissolution

The faculty adviser and the executive board will decide dissolution. When a unanimous vote is
reached between the faculty adviser and the executive board, the group will then be dissolved.